Birds List [2016 revision]

A list of the birds reliably recorded to date

This page is work-in-progress and will be subject to fairly regular updates as records get checked and added. If you can provide any information to add to my database of bird sightings at the lake I'd be really grateful. I plan to publish a paper in due course and any information that is provided will be duly acknowledged.

Families, species and sub-species names are listed with links to species pages (note that not all of these have been published yet, with others being updated and improved). For those species that have been designated as 'extremely rare' (see abundance key below), I have included the year of the record(s) in the list for quick reference. If you wish to see more information, including dates of 'very rare' and some 'rare' species records, visit the respective species account. Records marked with an asterisk have probably not been seen by, or considered, or accepted by the respective local Recorder's committee. Having said that, it is equally possible that some may have been rejected by the local Recorders' committees (Somerset as was, or, Avon as is), or the British Birds Rarities Committee (BBRC). Unfortunately, decisions are often not published, which leads to confusion. At some point, I will try and clear up decisions with those listed records for the sake of clarity.

Categories A, B & C

[Recorded in an apparently natural state, or introduced, & derives from a resulting self-sustaining population.]

Anatidae (Swans, geese & ducks)

Phasianidae (Partridges & pheasants) Gaviidae (Divers (Loons)) Procellariidae (Shearwaters) Hydrobatidae (Storm Petrels) Sulidae (Gannets) Phalacrocoracidae (Cormorants) Ardeidae (Herons & Egrets) Threskiornithidae (Ibises & Spoonbills) Podicipedidiae (Grebes) Accipitridae (Hawks & Eagles) Pandionidae (Osprey) Rallidae (Rails, crakes & gallinules) Gruidae (Cranes) Burhinidae (Thick-knees) Recurvirostridae (Avocets & stilts) Haematopodidiae (Oystercatchers) Charadriidae (Plovers) Scolopacidae (Sandpipers & allies) Glareolidae (Pratincoles & coursers) Stercorariidae (Skuas) Alcidae (Auks) Sternidae (Terns) Laridae (Gulls) Columbidae (Pigeons & doves) Cuculidae (Cuckoos) Tytonidae (Barn & grass owls) Strigidae (Typical owls) Apodidae (Swifts) Upupidae (Hoopoe) Alcedinidae (Kingfishers) Picidae (Woodpeckers) Falconidae (Falcons) Oriolidae (Old World orioles) Laniidae (Shrikes) Corvidae (Crows) Regulidae (Kinglets) Paridae (Tits & chickadees) Timaliidae (Babblers & laughing-thrushes) - see note 1 below. Alaudidae (Larks) Hirundidae (Swallow & martins) Cettiidae (Bush warblers) Aegithalidae (Long-tailed Tits) Sylviidae (Old World warblers) Sittidae (Nuthatches) Certhiidae (Treecreepers) Troglodytidae (Wrens) Sturnidae (Starlings & mynas) Cinclidae (Dippers) Turdidae (Thrushes, chats & flycatchers) Prunellidae (Accentors) Passeridae (Sparrows) Motacillidae (Wagtails & pipits) Carduelidae (Finches) Emberizidae (Buntings & New World sparrows)

Sub-total 248 spp.

Category E

[Introductions, human-assisted transportees or escapees from captivity, and whose breeding populations are thought not to be self-sustaining.]

Note 1: Some, or all, of the Bar-headed Geese recorded locally were Bar-headed x Snow Goose hybrids. It would be worth reviewing photos of those reported where they're available.

Sub-total 18 spp.

Other species noted:

Note 1: Bearded Tit (Reedling) is now generally considered to be in a monotypic family Panuridae rather than Timaliidae.

Key to abundance: Status :

Birds of Conservation Concern 2015

Occurrence (in a Blagdon Lake context) :

Bibliography (sources of information)

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Updated 30 December, 2016